Make Your Milk
Make Your Milk


There are lots of reasons why people choose to avoid or eliminate dairy and move to plant based milks. There are even MORE reasons why people choose to try making their own plant based milks from nuts, seeds or grains, at home. MakeYourMilk exists to be a hub for all things to do with ‘homemade plant milk’ - processes, tools, recipes, resources, ideas, all to promote health, wellness and zero waste. Whether you prefer nuts, seeds, or dabble in grains or peas, there are endless ways to experiment with making your own milk. It’s easy, it’s healthy and most of all it’s DELICIOUS. One of my favorite experiences is to watch people’s faces when they try fresh almond milk.

One of the things that bothered me the most about the process was all the leftover nut pulp. What to do with it? At first I started freezing it, then drying it out in the oven on low heat and using it as flour in baking, in smoothies, oatmeal, dips, breading, so many recipes! Fortunately for me, the kitchen is one of my favourite places to spend time.

As I become more curious and interested in becoming zero waste in as many areas of my life that I can, making milk at home and using the pulp became a louder call to heed. And so, an idea was born. I’m collaborating with some really amazing people and we have a lot of things planned; some small things, some medium things, and some really BIG things. I’m just getting started so bear with me as I figure all this out. It’s quite the trip.

In the meantime, if any or all of this makes you feel jazzed, I’d love to hear from you! What kind of milk do you make at home? How do you make it? Where do you get your nuts and seeds? What’s are your favourite recipes for milk and leftover pulp. I’m looking for stories to share and answer questions that come up, so if you got one, reach out here or through our social media channels.

Cheers to you!